Third Grade Curriculum

Mrs Turner currently teaches the core curriculum to the third grade class. Her curriculum includes Math and Language arts.

The Math curriculum includes numbers and their operations, algebra, measurement, geometry and data analysis. Within this curriculum, the third grade students will:

*Develop a knowledge of numbers and their related operations.

*Investigate quantitative patterns and relationships.

*Use an wide variety of measurement forms as well as appropriate tools.

*Understand and explain the characteristics of several geometric shapes.

*Collect, organize, and display various forms of data.

The Language Arts curriculum includes reading, writing, and literature. Within this curriculum, the third grade students will:

*Write clearly in order to convey an intended message.

*Show a knowledge of the proper usage of spelling, punctuation. capitalization, and basic grammar rules.

*Read at a proficient level.

*Comprehend what is read.

*Build a large vocabulary base.

*Read for purpose.

*Understand and distinguish various types of text.

*Apply and use the steps of the writing process.

*Explore a wide variety of types of writing such as: narrative, expository and persuasive.