Third Grade Curriculum

The Math curriculum includes numbers and their operations, algebra, measurement, geometry and data analysis. Within this curriculum, the third grade students will:

*Develop a knowledge of numbers and their related operations.

*Investigate quantitative patterns and relationships.

*Use an wide variety of measurement forms as well as appropriate tools.

*Understand and explain the characteristics of several geometric shapes.

*Collect, organize, and display various forms of data.

The Language Arts curriculum includes reading, writing, and literature. Within this curriculum, the third grade students will:

*Write clearly in order to convey an intended message.

*Show a knowledge of the proper usage of spelling, punctuation. capitalization, and basic grammar rules.

*Read at a proficient level.

*Comprehend what is read.

*Build a large vocabulary base.

*Read for purpose.

*Understand and distinguish various types of text.

*Apply and use the steps of the writing process.

*Explore a wide variety of types of writing such as: narrative, expository and persuasive.