Kindergarten Curriculum

Our all-day Kindergarten curriculum includes:


Students will learn important Bible stories (creation, the birth of Jesus, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and many more) and how they can apply these lessons to their lives. Kindergarteners will also begin to memorize simple Bible verses.


Students will learn the basics of a story including sequencing events, identifying what an author and illustrator do, and answering basic comprehension questions. They will learn sight words and begin reading leveled books.


Students will have calendar; learn to count pennies, nickels, and dimes; solve simple addition problems; and practice their problem solving skills with Saxon Math. This curriculum reviews all year so students continually are practicing the new skills they learned.


Students will learn letter sounds, practice blending, and learn sight words. The Saxon Phonics curriculum is utilized.


D’Nelian handwriting is taught as students learn to correctly form capital and lowercase letters.


Students will be able to identify the subject noun and verb in a sentence and to write a complete sentence including capital letter and punctuation.

Full day students will also receive:

Social Studies

Students will learn about workers in the community, the importance of rules, landforms, services and goods, and their country.


Students will learn about the needs of living things, how things grow and change, habitats, the earth, weather and seasons, matter, hat and light, how things move, day and night, and how things work.

Writing Time

Students respond to writing prompts and practice putting their answers into words.


Longer centers at the end of the day allow for students to receive small group and individual instruction in reading and phonics as well as learning through play when not working with the teacher.